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Children Dentistry

We Value Children's Dentistry

Here at Dental Health Centre, we value children’s dentistry and have a high priority in creating a safe, trusted and positive first experience.  

We believe that a child’s first experience at the dentist carries on all the way through to adulthood. We understand that past dental experiences may have contributed to negative perceptions of dental treatments, however, through great advances in technology and techniques, dental care today is able to be a calm, gentle and positive experience for the whole family.

Our advice for a parent bringing their child to their first appointment is to set a strong example being positive, calm and assuring. During this first appointment, we also give out our the knowledge and advice for good oral hygiene treatment care at home.

We recommend bringing your child in for their first appointment at around 3-4 years of age if you believe they are willing to sit in a chair without any force. We want to make the first experience as positive as possible without any forceful/negative intervening.

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