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Crooked Teeth, Crowded Teeth, Large Gaps Treatment

Braces are the most traditional method used commonly to fix crooked teeth, crowded teeth, large gaps, overbites, and underbites. Braces are able to deliver a cosmetic result of straight teeth while also improving a patient’s overall general health. Braces help to fix serious dental conditions such as misaligned and underdeveloped jaws.
Braces are mostly prescribed for patients in their early teens to aid growth and development.

Children begin to grow their adult teeth between 6-8 years and it is at this time that we recommend an orthodontic assessment for early intervention. Early intervention is able to minimise the timeframe of wearing braces should they be required.

We have both metal and ceramic options for braces, however, ceramic is considered less noticeable as the brackets are clear and the wires are far less noticeable. For you or your child’s consultation, call today to make an appointment with one of our gentle and caring dentist.

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