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Dental Crowns & Bridges

Treatment for Missing Teeth and Gaps

At Dental Health Centre, we believe dental crowns and bridges are a reliable and permanent option for missing teeth and gaps. We look at the longevity and practicality for each patient and aim to keep as many natural teeth and minimising touching healthy teeth as much as possible.

The process of applying a dental crown involves shaping the damaged, fractured or weakened tooth to a smaller size and fitting it with a crown. The crown acts like a cap over the damaged tooth and is cemented in place, looking natural and working like the original tooth.

A Bridge is much like a crown but involves filling an empty gap/ missing teeth, that has occurred due to various possible reasons such as gum disease. It is incredibly important for good oral hygiene and everyday functioning to replace these gaps when possible. A Bridge involves attaching strong, fake, yet natural looking tooth between one-two crowns which are located on each side of the gap.

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