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Sleep Dentistry Brisbane

Sleep Dentistry Brisbane

There are different level of anaesthesia including conscious sedation and general anaesia.Under some circumstances dental treatment may need to be carried out under general anaesthesia especially with the more involved complex procedures such as surgical wisdom teeth removal. Conscious sedation and general anaesthetics will incur additional cost, which can be discussed at the consultation appointment.

– Happy Gas (Nitrous Oxide)

More than often patients require additional aid to eradicate anxiety during dental treatment. We offer in house nitrous oxide (happy gas) sedation. This is a form of conscious sedation, where when combined with local anaesthetics can achieve stress and pain-free experience. You will still remain calm and responsive under conscious sedation, however your anxiety level will greatly reduce.

– General Anaesthesia 

Dr Jin Gan offers dental treatment under general anaesthesia on Friday mornings. This is a procedure that is administered under full qualified anaesthetist. The patient will be unconscious during the procedure and usually takes place at a hospital setting. Your comfort and peace of mind are most important to us.

It is important all details of your medical history is provided including current medical status, all medications/supplements and allergies. We strive to make your treatment as comfortable and safe as possible.

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